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Antalya Olympos Cable Car Tour

8 Hours


Enrolling in Antalya Olympos Cable Car tour is the way of uniting adrenaline and breathtaking views, and enjoying both of them at the same time!

For approximately for 20 minutes in total, you will experience one of the most unforgettable moments of your life.

The beauty of the cliffs of Olympos will be under your feet and you will have a chance to travel by passing by the clouds.

If you are excited already, you can read the next paragraphs to learn about Olympos Cable Car tour in details.

Olympos Cable Car Tour from Antalya 

Before enjoying this exciting Antalya Olympos Cable Car tour, you may want to get prepared both mentally and physically.

Firstly, if you are (a little bit, of course) afraid of height, you need to know that the cable car is totally safe and thousands of people try this matchless event.

However, to get relaxed, you may try to make breathing exercises.

If you are done with this step, you are ready to move to physical preparation part: Therefore, you can wear comfortable clothes and shoes. And lastly, do not forget to charge your camera or phone, or else you will definitely regret it!

To start our Antalya Olympos Cable Car tour, we will pick you up from your hotel in Antalya by a modern, comfortable and fully-equipped car.

We will take you to the place where the event starts. In there, you will get on the cabinet of the cable car which is designed to carry up to 80 people.

During the Cable Car

When everyone is ready, the “flight” will begin! For 10 minutes, you will be moving until you arrive to the peak of Olympos Mountain; and you will surely get surprised how a short time period can fit so many things in.

Olympos Cable Car tour will provide you adventurous moments which are decorated with the panoramic view of coastlines, forests, cliffs, rocks and valleys.

The length of the line of the cable car is 4359 meters, and every inch of it has the potential to take you to the bird’s-eye view paradises!

The Peak of Olympos

After reaching to the peak of Olympos (2365 meters above the sea level), you will be able to rest and breath the fresh air in your lungs.

Then, there are many things to do: You can enjoy the breathtaking landscape and take photographs of it (alternatively, you can get help from the professional photographer by paying the price of the service), you can walk among the pine trees and unite with the nature; or you can buy some souvenirs for yourself or the ones that you love.

Whatever you do, mind the gap!

The End of the Cable Car Tour

At the last step of our Antalya Olympos Cable Car tour, you will get on the cabinet of the cable car again. This means to snap amazing shots for 10 more minutes.

Let your screen fill with the wonders of Antalya, and also, prove your bravery in every jpeg that you get!

When you land, nearby the cable car station, a vehicle will be waiting for taking you to your hotel. Thus, be sure that you have collided enough of these landscape photographs during the ride.

If you want to have a unique experience in Antalya, you can book this cable car tour online, or you can contact us without hesitation.

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Antalya Olympos Cable Car Tour
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